Sunday, 15 July 2012

Week 8- Global Domains International GDI

My real experience with Global Domains International GDI, the work at home business opportunity.
Whoa! What another great week with Global Domains International GDI! I personally grew my team by 4 new members. These new affiliates come from Australia, America, and the UAE. This is incredible and demonstrates the power of Global Domains International GDI and its international influence. They all found out about Global Domains International GDI by my Robert Kiyosaki Twitter account, richdadquotes. This proves the value of Twitter and that it is an effective means of marketing GDI’s great opportunity.
My Twitter richdadquotes account led in my hit log this week bringing me the most amounts of leads. This was followed, in a close 2nd, by my Craigslist ads. Craigslist continues to be a consistent means of gaining GDI prospects. I previously mentioned that the only issue I had with Craigslist was that I had no way to follow up with the people who were interested in my ads. Well I circumvented this by including both my phone number and e-mail address in the ads. This has its ups and downs; It’s great because I received 8 calls this week alone from people interested in GDI. It’s bad because not one of these people had viewed the video first. Everyone sees the phone number in the ad and ignores my link The key to Global Domains International GDI is that you don’t have to do any selling. GDI does all the selling for you by providing the free informational videos. I had to refer all of these prospects back to so they could watch video, then I’d follow up with them and discuss what they think about Global Domains International GDI. This resulted in me changing my ads to saying “please contact me AFTER viewing the free informational video at ''” Here is an example of 1 of my ads…
Work at home! This is your chance to do so with a low maintenance, $0 start up cost opportunity! is a company that was ranked as one of the “fastest growing companies in the world” by Inc. Magazine!
AFTER viewing the free informational video provided at please contact me at with any additional questions you may have. Or you can call me at 727-753-9048. The video will answer a lot of your questions so please view it first.
I want you to succeed so please contact me if you are interested. After you join this free to start opportunity I will e-mail you all the information you need to be successful.
New members are joining daily, don’t let this great opportunity pass you by!

I plan on writing a blog article in the near future specifically about my Craigslist campaign. It has been showing promising results and I want to show everyone exactly what it is I do to get them. Make sure you check back in with
My great results with my Twitter accounts this week are attributed to all of them being over the 2000 follow limit. This has enabled me to target specific groups of people that I feel are interested in this type of business. For my businessquote account I target other business minded people and people interested in MLM. For my richdadquotes account I targeted the real Robert Kiyosaki’s actual followers on Twitter. These people are following Robert Kiyosaki because they are entrapaneuers, business minded, and demonstrating their interest in attaining multiple streams of residual income. For my Twilightquote account I target work at home moms because I feel the main following of Twilight are women, and work at home moms demonstate that they have what it takes to join a business like Global Domains International GDI.
Here are my stats for THIS past week so you can see just exactly how I am doing after 8 weeks of being with Global Domains International GDI-
According to my Hitlog in my back office, I had a total of 669 views of my website
I had…
3 Prospects
8 Phone calls off of my Craigslist ads
14 Missed Signups
and 4 Signups
I am still managing my time effectively by using the tools provided in my starter guide This allows me to maintain my life and not be bogged down with worrying about GDI. I have the business running on auto-pilot for me throughout the week so I can concentrate on my schooling and family.
We had another GREAT GDI conference call tonight! I truly encourage everyone to participate in it as much as possible. The hosts, Shawn ( and Liam (, do an excellent job of discussion Global Domains International GDI and answer everyone’s questions. If you would like to listen next week please contact me at and I will send you the required information.
I hope everyone has a great week.
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